ESGA Spring League 2017

Now we can finally say it – after a long preparation, we are launching a pilot series of an e-sports league. In ESGA Spring League, fights will take place from the beggining of May 2017 until the end of June 2017. The league is open for all Czech speaking players and teams, who consider themselves masters in Hearthstone, League of Legends or Overwatch.

Become a winner, become a legend. Sign up for yourself or build a team and head straight into a battle. Persistence is atches will be scheduled every week from Monday to Thursday. Only as the best of the best will you get to the grand finale and fight for interesting prizes as well as part of a large prize pool. Let's get to it. Register NOW!

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upcoming tournaments

LIVE! Wednesday Night Cup #293   
EU 1v1 172/128
Thursday Night Cup #294   
EU 1v1 21/128
Friday Night Cup #295   
EU 1v1 12/128
Saturday Night Cup #296   
EU 1v1 8/128
Sunday Night Cup #297   
EU 1v1 7/128
    - Hearthstone Championship Tour

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