HCT tournaments are back on ESGA!

2017-01-13 10:01

Did you miss HCT tournaments? So did we! But now, there is no need for grieving anymore, because starting 13. 1. 2017, you will be able to gain HCT points again in selected ESGA tournaments. More specifically, that means all the Hearthstone Night Cups held every day for 128 players from 6:00 PM. Furthermore, you will have higher chances to earn some points than in the previous season, as from now on, the 1st player receives 5 points, the 2nd one 3 points, the 3rd and 4th places get 2 and 5th to 8th is awarded one point per each.

Blizzard has also announced some changes for the 2017 Championship Tour structure. Fewer points will be distributed among players ending up at the top of Hearthstone ladder, apart from 101st to 200th place which will earn you two points instead of one. There are new Monthly Cups to come which will give players another opportunity to gain some points. More information about these are however still to be announced by Blizzard.

Apart from that, there are also Majors (events with a prize pool of USD 10 000 or more), where 9th to 16th places will now be also awarded with two points per each. Above that, there are Season Championships with decreased points and World Championship with 16 players being awarded instead of four. Overall, the changes give more opportunities for players who haven’t established themselves in the world of esports yet.

All in all, in 2017, professional Hearthstone playing will definitely grow bigger, with more young talents entering large international competitions. So take your chances, because they are now higher than they have ever been!

emkay @ESGA Team

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