Fair and respectful community is the keystone of ESGA

2017-03-07 16:03

Despite most of our community being absolutely tremendous both in terms of behavior and fair play, we have ran into a couple of issues in the recent months. We would now like to make it clear, that these two attributes are absolutely essential in order to build the strong, welcoming and open-to-all community we all desire on ESGA.

It is perfectly understandable that, as in any sport, emotions can sometimes get out of control during competitive play. However, it is also necessary for a professional player not to lay such feelings onto your competitors or organizers of the tournaments. And it is also necessary in order to provide the best community experience to all the players.

We will therefore be absolutely strict when it comes to misbehavior or attempts to cheat. If a player doesn’t manage to follow these rules, there is no place for him on ESGA, and he can expect a similar attitude from other gaming sites as well.

Keep in mind that in Blizzard sanctioned events, you not only need to follow our rules, but you are also obliged to follow the Hearthstone Championship Tour rules (pay special attention to chapter six). If a player is rude or unfair during this event, he will be disqualified from all such events, and if he does such things in a higher manner, Blizzard can also ban him from the game in question or, under extreme circumstances, even his whole Battle.net account.

We definitely don’t want to intimidate anyone, but in order to keep the great experience to all the behaving players, of whom there is a vast majority, we have no other option than to be very strict with this kind of behavior. As long as you are with us on this one, we’ll always be glad that you are a part of our community.

We would also like to express our gratitude to all the players, who are helping us to create the community we want. Creating such a pleasant environment would never be possible without all of you.

emkay @ESGA Team

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