ESGA is taking a break from League of Legends

2017-03-06 12:03

As you may have noticed, we have decided to take a break from League of Legends tournaments. The reason for that is our limited capacity, which we would now like to shift fully towards Hearthstone, as it turns out to be extremely popular on ESGA. This means even more tournaments and events, but we simply aren’t able to push the League of Legends tournaments any further at this moment.

Don’t worry though, we definitely haven’t said goodbye to it and you can look forward to playing League of Legends tournaments again this year. We are also preparing to reintroduce Overwatch, the dynamic and extremely entertaining team-based FPS from Blizzard Inc.

That said, regardless the fact that we are canceling some tournaments at the moment, ESGA is still moving forward and we will do our best to bring you even more fun than ever before this year.

emkay @ESGA Team

Tags: #leagueoflegends #tournaments