Monthly rankings and HS Evening tournaments gone for now

2017-03-31 14:03

Dear players,

starting April, we have decided to put a stop to the monthly rankings on ESGA. There are numerous reasons that lead us to this conclusion but generally, we want to create more advanced and suitable ways of long-term rewarding.

Another thing is that as we currently only have HCT tournaments, we don’t really want to motivate players to play even after they already earned some points for the current month. This gives more possibilities to obtain some points even for less successful players and generally should help to create more capacity in the tournaments, especially during the first two weeks of a month.

HCT tournaments proved to be what attracts the vast majority of players. Due to the canceling of the rankings, we also find no point in organizing the 64 players Hearthstone Evening tournaments for the moment.

Don’t be afraid though, because as we hinted above, we will definitely have better things than the current monthly rankings for loyal players in the future. So keep in touch, as we will surely get back to this topic sooner or later!

emkay @ESGA Team

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