ESGA is looking for HearthStone admins. Another chance for you to become one!

2018-01-18 12:01

Greetings players! As ESGA is growing, there are also more things to care about. We are reaching the limit of our capacities and need to pick up new admins on board! It’s crucial for us to maintain the high standard we have set for our tournaments. Sounds interesting? Here's what we can offer you.

ESGA is an ambitious platform which has worked for more than year and a half, with thousands of satisfied players taking part in our tournaments. Being a part of our team, you can also gain great experience, meet new people and improve your communication skills. However, we also have a few requirements we need you to meet.

Some of them are quite obvious, but definitely worth mentioning. We require a good level of English and good knowledge about both esports and HearthStone. As an admin, you will communicate a lot and you need to be able to stay polite and calm all the time, even under pressure.

You also need to be at least 18+ and you should have essential knowledge about working with computers. It is also an advantage if you live in the GMT +01:00 area and you have to be time flexible, as our tournaments usually start at evening and last until around midnight. This goes hand in hand with responsibility and reliability, two attributes that are necessary for things to work right. Experience with administrating is a plus, but not a requirement.

If you think you meet the aforementioned qualities, then we would definitely like to have a word with you! Currently, we are looking for Hearthstone admins, but there will be more games to choose from in the future. Please fill in this contact form and we’ll give you some more details.

Looking forward to hearing from you

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