Upcoming changes into Hearthstone tournaments

2016-04-29 12:04

Changes are coming your way. Starting with May 2nd, your ESGA tournament activity will earn you bonus points. And along with Hearthstone WOTOG update, we are moving our tournaments to Standard format to keep up with official rules.

We saw lot of great battles in our first months of Hearthstone tournaments. We like it a lot. And we want more. So from Monday on, you will get extra rewards for attending our tournaments. You will earn points for playing Hearthstone for every win, participation in tournament and extra points will be awarded for reaching high positions in the bracket. Every month we will announce top three players which will get their share from absolutely great 250€ prize pool (we will get into details later). Ready for battle?

Information about Blizzard introducing new play mode to Hearthstone was very hard to miss lately. Games played in the new Standard format include only cards from card sets released in the current or previous calendar year, as well as the Basic and Classic sets. Other cards are not allowed. This format will be official for all HCT giving tournaments. And that is why we are moving our tournaments to Standard format. Bud don’t throw your Dr. Booms away, because we will definitely find some excuse to pull of some tournament in Wild format in the future.

Looking forward to seeing you in next tournaments.

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