League of Legends - EU and NA eighth round review

2016-07-26 12:07

Hello summoners, the end of the split is behind the door. All the teams now have one goal in sight - a spot at the 2016 World Championship in the USA. Let's look into who already has his place in the playoff ensured.

Firstly, we shall recapitulate a match of the week of EU LCS - Fnatic versus Splyce. Everybody expected that Fnatic will dominate this match, but that didn't quite happen. Splyce absolutely outperformed their opponent especially in game two with better team play. Thanks to this, they were able to close up the series with a clean score of 2:0 which brings Splyce on second place ahead of Fnatics.

Furthermore, there are Immortals from NA LCS. Their dominance in both matches versus Apex and NRG Esports puts them on the split first place of the North America Competition with TSM and is worth mentioning that they deserve it.

You can see current results of both EU and NA LCS competition in the table so you can easily see everyone's standings before the last round. As you can see TSM will not have a perfect season because they lost against outstanding Phoenix1 who despite being last but one improved massively.

That's all for now! Don't forget that if you want to recap the duels of your favorite teams, you can watch them here.

Keep in mind that you can also fight your own battles on ESGA.GG. Tournaments in League of Legends ran by ESGA.GG take place every Thursday and Friday from 7PM CET. 20 000 RP await you in the prize pool. And if you end up in the first place, you will also be awarded by a unique Triumphant Ryze skin.

See you there, GLHF

bartmazan @ ESGA team

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