Adventure "One Night in Karazhan" was revealed last night!

2016-07-29 11:07

The dust on the new meta after last Hearthstone update haven’t properly set yet and we have a new adventure with a lot of brand new cards. Blizzard is pushing the game forward. What will be the must-have and must-avoid cards? It’s time to find out.

This time, we are invited to Medivh's party in Karhazan. But shortly after our arrival we got information, that Medivh is missing. Our task will be find Medivh of course. We will meet many interesting characters on our way through Karhazan tower, such as Curator, Maiden, Shade of Aran, Prince Malchezaar and others.

Every player will get prolog of this adventure and 2 cards from the adventure for free. In this prolog, we will play as Medivh and if you buy this prolog in upcoming weeks, you will get a special card back. You can achieve the second one by beating this new adventure on Heroic difficulty.

Blizzard also revealed first few cards from this adventure. And we can't wait to see the rest of the cards. We can find some cards with very interesting Battlecry, The Curator for example. Also there is pretty interesting Deathrattle card for Hunter. And finally, Blizzard revealed Firelands Portal - strong spell, but quite expensive. You can see all cards here:

At the end Blizzard also revealed new playing board. It looks very funny, we can't wait to try every animation of this new playing board. Check it here:

You can check cost of this bundle below this article. we are very curious about upcoming cards and we look forward to new information about this adventure. One thing is for certain already - it will be great party!

DISCLAIMER: Hangover from first matches after release is possible.

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