The Competitive Season I End Brings a Lot of New Things

2016-08-18 14:08

Overwatch is moving forward with the dashing rate of Tracer. The dust hasn't settled on the Olympic update yet and we have new animated short, map and competitive system coming our way. Oh, shiny!

The Competitive Season I has come to an end today so we have very calm two weeks period ahead of us. Or at least it seemed like it until Blizzard made an announcement that they will be making major changes to the competitive mode. Their focus is in making the ranks less important for the players and fixing some not exactly great gameplay decisions.

Instead of a 1-100 ranking system, we’ll get 1-5000. This means that the actual number of your rank will be less determining and any progress after a complete match will be in whole numbers, not in a mystical part of the rank. And on top of this, we’ll get tiers. Seven of them. So you can look forward to having Overwatch bronze tier memes in addition to the LOL ones. The good thing is, once you get to the higher tier, you won’t lose it no matter how you play after getting there (with an exception of the three highest tiers).

There are also changes coming to the gameplay itself. The Sudden Death is suddenly dead. Which is a great thing. The time bank system, currently present on assault maps, is coming to hybrid and payload maps. So no stopwatch yet but still closer to it than who-can-push-the-payload-further mode. This system in theory allows a tie and in that rare case, you’ll get some competitive points for that because there will be 10 competitive points instead of one from now.

There is much more to come we haven’t mostly designed to keep the game more balanced and fun to play - rank decay for top tiers, group rank spread limit and so on. Check out the complete dev video from Blizzard on this. We’ll see how everything unfolds once the Season II starts - only one thing feels like they didn’t address - the leavers. Which are the ultimate killers of competitive fun.

While waiting for the new competitive season to start you can delve deeper into Overwatch backstory with a new animated short called The Last Bastion which is set to premiere at Gamescom today at 18:00 CEST. You can watch it from anywhere in the world at Blizzard Gamescom Hub here.

Another piece of the puzzle will be the upcoming map Eichenwalde which was announced just yesterday. It looks like an Assault and Escort hybrid map, with attacking team having to escort a battering ram up to the castle gates before storming the keep. Apart from a lot of dead bastion units, we might learn something about the Omnic overall and possibly even about Reinhard (spoiler alert). Though I doubt this will explain his undying love for David Hasselhoff.

All this makes me pretty sure that 15 millions of players that Overwatch reached recently is not the ceiling yet. And we are eager to bring Overwatch tournaments back to ESGA once there are enough teams to compete. If you know some, send them our way. In the meantime, we continue to work on updates on our side of things. And there is much to look forward for sure.


Trignom @ ESGA Team

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