New overwatch hero Ana

2016-07-13 12:07

The first new champion since the launch of Overwatch is here! After many theories and guesses, the long expected addition is a sniper-healer Ana equipped with her Biotic sniper rifle that is capable of healing her allies for 75HP but also damaging the enemy for 80 damage (Damage over time) per shot.
Ana is support champion, her unique skillset allows her to safely stay in the back, heal and protect her allies. Her abilites may be a little bit similar to Zenyata as she also buffs allies and debuffs enemies.

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NA and EU LCS sixth round - review

2016-07-12 12:07

Hey guys! The sixth round has ended and we were once again not disappointed. Duels in Summoners Rift were pretty intense and nobody surrendered without a tough fight. So let's look at some of the tremendous matches in round 6.

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League of Legends - EU and NA sixth round Preview

2016-07-07 13:07

Hi, summoners! The second half of LCS will start tonight. Teams must show their best if they want to compete for a place on World Championship. No mistakes are allowed so lets take a look at the most interesting matches.

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League of Legends - EU and NA fifth round review

2016-07-04 16:07

Hello summoners, the midpoint of the split has finally arrived. All teams have now one goal in sight - a spot at the 2016 World Championship in the USA. Let's look into who is close to this spot and who still has a long way ahead to achieve success.

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June season results

2016-07-01 09:07

The second month of Hearthstone Rankings on ESGA is over. A lot of tournaments were finished, a lot of players participated, but only one was able to fight his way to the first place.

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