2016 All-star

2016-12-08 21:12

Hello everybody! We hope you are ready for a whole lot of epicness because All-stars 2016 is here!

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Changes in December's season

2016-12-08 13:12

Hello! Christmas is right around the corner and our tournaments are also taking a break. Come take a closer look at how will holidays affect our tournaments and the rankings season.

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Tags: #esga #rankings

How was ESGA's week on Web Summit?

2016-11-18 14:11

Four members of our team went to Lisbon last week in order to attend Web Summit and also to present the ESGA platform to the other attendees. How did it go? And what's to come next?

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Worlds 2016 Final

2016-10-30 19:10

The League Of Legends 2016 World Championship has come to an end! Come take a look at what happened.

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League Of Legends semifinals

2016-10-24 12:10

Hello summoners! Another amazing weekend of Worlds is behind us! Let's take a look at what happened!

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