Pick and ban in Hearthstone tournaments!

2016-10-06 17:10

Hello players! We are making changes to our Night Cup tournaments! Read more what changes are coming here!

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Got a problem with recieving prizes? Check out this article

2016-10-04 13:10

In the past months, we have encountered a few issues with players receiving their tournament prizes via PayPal. We would like to explain them and let you know what you can do to increase your chance of getting the prize flawlessly and quickly.

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Hearthstone rules change: No more penalty for leaving the challenge room!

2016-09-27 13:09

Hello players! We have an important piece of news for you. We have decided to make a significant change of the Hearthstone tournament rules.

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The welcome bundle and changes in the Arena

2016-09-15 14:09

Hello players! As you might have heard, many exciting new features are coming to Hearthstone! Let’s take a closer look at them!

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Tags: #hearthstone #tournament #arenachanges #welcomebundle

League of Legends Worlds 2016 groups

2016-09-13 13:09

Hello summoners! League of Legends Worlds tournament is right around the corner so we’re bringing some information about the participating teams.

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