Privacy policy

    1. These Personal Data Handling Rules („Rules“) of Moviatic s.r.o., registered office at: Prague 7, Jankovcova 1060/10, Postcode: 170 00, Company ID-No.: 24241008, entered into the Commercial Register maintained by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section C, Insert 196336 („Licensor“) shall lay down the rights and liabilities of the contracting parties as regards personal data protection related to the Licence Agreement for web aplication called „ESGA“ („Software“ and „Licence Agreement“) entered into by and between the Licensor and another individual („Licensee“).
    2. The Rules shall form an inseparable part of the Licence Agreement. Terms used in the Rules shall have the same meaning as equivalent terms used in the Licence Agreement.
    1. The Licensee´s personal data protection shall be laid down by Personal Data Protection Act No. 101/2000 Coll., as amended.
    2. The Licensee who is an individual agrees to the processing of his following personal data: name, surname, e-mail, date of birth and other personal data entered by the Licensee into his Licensee´s account (below altogether as „Personal Data“).
    3. The Licensee agrees to the processing of personal data by the Licensee for the purposes of administering the user account, fulfilling obligations from the Licence Agreement, marketing research, the Licensee´s identification within the other interactive products of the Licensor or third entities and dispatch of commercial communication. The Licensee agrees that Personal Data can be displayed (published) on a website or displayed to other users of the Software.
    4. The Licensee´s Personal Data can be disclosed by the Licensor to third entities, in particular to a partner, also for marketing purposes. The Licensor can authorise a third entity, as a handler, to process his Personal Data.
    5. The Licensee takes into account that he is obliged to enter his Personal Data (on the registration, in his user account) correctly and truthfully and that he is obliged to enter any change to Personal Data without undue delay.
    6. The Personal Data shall be processed for indefinite period of time. The Personal Data shall be processed in electronic form in an automatised manner or in printed form in a non-automatised manner.
    7. The Licensee confirms that the disclosed Personal Data are exact and that he has been informed about the fact that the disclosure of Personal Data is voluntary.
    8. In case that the Licensee considers that the Licensor or Handler (2.4) processes his Personal Data in a way that is contrary to the protection of the Licensee´s private or personal life or contrary to the law, in particular, if the Personal Data are not exact with regard to the purpose of their processing he can ask the Licensor or Handler for an explanation and, further, he can request that the Licensor or Handler removes such condition that occurred.
    9. If the Licensee asks for information about the processing of his Personal Data, the Licensor shall be obliged to transmit him this information. For the provision of information in compliance with the previous clause, the Licensor is entitled to request reasonable remuneration not exceeding costs required for the disclosure of information.
    1. The Licensee agrees to the dispatch of information and commercial communication from the Licensor´s part related to the Licensor´s Services or enterprise to the Licensee´s email mentioned in the Licensee´s account („Licensee´s email“) and to the dispatch of commercial communication of third parties to the Licensee´s email. The Licensee agrees to the dispatch of information by third parties who use the Software as well to the Licensee´s email.
    2. The Licensee agrees to saving the so-called cookies to his computer. Cookies are small files serving the Licensor and the customers of advertisements on a website for the recognition of the Licensee´s computer when he communicates with the Service and for the consequent use of some functions of the Service. In case that it is possible to fulfil the Licensor´s liabilities from the Licence Agreement without saving the so-called cookies to the Licensee´s computer, the Licensee can withdraw his consent under the first clause of this paragraph.