Wednesday Challenger Cup #194 (Europe)

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128/128 Players
+16 on a waiting list

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Tournament rules / Conquest mode, SWISS

Best of mode - Rounds (Bo3), Semi Finals (Bo3), Finals (Bo3)



  1. Every player in any ESGA Challenger Cup must follow OFFICIAL COMPETITION RULES. Also, pay big attention to PLAYER HANDBOOK, where you can find any other important information, that you might want to know.
  2. Most important things, that you need to know (you can also read this in the official documents above): a. If a player makes it in finals of any Challenger Cup, so he is qualified for Challenger Finals Tournament, he can not participate in any other Challenger Cup during that season again. Because he is already qualified, so he would only occupy that spot and other players would have lesser chance to get in the tournaments. b. Every player must respect and follow the "PLAYER CONDUCT" which can be found in the "PLAYER HANDBOOK". c. Violation of anything, that is mentioned in the documents above might lead to serious consequences (temporary or permanent ban from our tournaments, temporary or permanent ban of your Battle Net account, etc...)
  3. Tournament Process

    1. Join the tournament (You need a ESGA account and a valid game account in order to be able to sign up for a tournament).
    2. When the checkin phase begin (generally one hour prior to start of the tournament) click the "Check in" button on tournament page.
    3. After the start of tournament, the bracket is created and you'll see if you have a slot … or not :)
    4. Click the “Current match” button as soon as the tournament has been started and set yourself ready by clicking on “I am ready button”.
    5. Choose your classes according the tournament mode rules (see below).
    6. Take screenshots of the winning screens in order to be able to prove that you won in case of disputes. Take also the screenshot of any disputes during game (opponent leaving challenge, opponent “trash talking” via chat, etc.). Dispute has to be reported before you begin to play or between the matches (during the games).
    7. Each player is responsible for his game account. It is prohibited to lend the account to other persons.
    8. In the case of any disputes or unnecessity, contact admin via “Call admin” button. This button can be found in the current match. You must call admin immediately when the problem appears. And solve the problem with admin before start playing. Admin will not solve your problem additionally.

    Tournament Rules

    Tournament format: Standard - Mammoth (Challenge you are heading to must be Standard duel.) The tournament will be played using the Conquest Mode
    1. Player can have only one deck per each class he picked in challenge lobby. And has to upload screenshot of it in every current match. Before the match starts. How it should look like: How it shouldn't look like:
    2. Player can use two decks (Bo3 rounds) or three decks (Bo5 rounds), using two/three unique classes (Player is not allowed to switch from different decks of the same class during match, e.g. change from Freeze mage to Tempo mage vs the same opponent. If player can prove that other player used different decks, than culprit will be disqualified immediately.)
    3. Every player picks three heroes and ban one (Bo3 rounds) or four heroes and ban one (Bo5 rounds) for the current match, player will see opponent's heroes after both players have picked and banned.
    4. If player has won game with a class, this class is "eliminated" and player is not allowed to play this class again in this match. Player has to choose another class. If player has lost game with a class, player can either switch class or play the same class again.
    5. Player wins the match when managed to win with two different heroes (in a Bo3 rounds) or to win with three different heroes (in Bo5 rounds)
    6. Communication between player and ESGA Admin is allowed just in English.
    Be fair and helpful to your opponents, if there are technical issues on other side, give a second chance, ok? :)


    1. TIE BREAKRER 1 (T1): Win/Loss Sum Tiebreaker #1 represents the performance of opponents that a player has played over the course of the tournament. Players that played against stronger opponents will be ranked higher within the tournament. The formula to calculate the number is: Total the number of points each opponent contributes. Opponents contribute +1 point for each win they accumulate throughout the tournament and -1 for each loss they accumulate throughout the tournament. Each single opponent may never contribute less than -3 points to a player’s first tiebreaker. A bye does not contribute any points towards a player’s tiebreaker.
    2. TIE BREAKRER 2 (T2): First Tiebreaker Sum Tiebreaker #2 represents the performance of the opponents that all of a player’s opponents played. Players that played against opponents who consistently played against stronger opponents throughout the tournament will be ranked higher. The formula to calculate the number is: Total the sum of Tiebreaker #1 (T1) for all opponents that player played.
    3. TIE BREAKRER 3 (T3): Timing Tiebreaker #3 represents the importance of the rounds in which you lost. Players losing in later rounds will be ranked higher within the tournament. The formula to calculate this number is: The sum of the squares of the rounds in which you lost.


    1. Every participant in a tournament should respect the principles of fair play and our Rules and should try to secure a smoothly running event. If anybody intentionally disrespects the sense of fair play and is disrupting play, tournament progress etc., the player will be removed from the tournament. Racism, sexual harassment, trolling, verbal abuse, negative attitude, raging, leaving or AFK, spamming and disrespecting staff will not be tolerated. If this improper behavior would be repeated by a player, we ( reserve the right to ban this player from our services. Report an issue to the ESGA Admin to get your issues solved. Evidence and screenshot must be submitted in certain situations.
    2. Player has to click on “I am ready” button in current match page. If player will not manage to do it within ten minutes timeframe from start of round (both players are able to get ready), opposing player receives an irreversible default win.
    3. It is prohibited to open the Collection ("creating a deck”, “crafting some cards” or “browsing the collection”), if you open it at any time, your opponent is free to continue or call a 1-game def win for this game. In case of any dispute, please contact admin via “Call admin” button in your current match or on tournament detail page.
    4. If you pick the wrong hero, your opponent can call for default win for this game or provide you with second chance and grant rematch.
    5. In case of disconnection or Hearthstone bug it's up to your opponent whether he grants you a rematch or take a default win for this game.
    6. In case of disconnection or inactivity longer than 10 minutes, your opponent will be granted with default win for a current match.
    7. In order to receive your prize you have to be owner of PayPal account.
    8. In case of 1 game default win. The player, who get the default win MUST choose one hero, which won that "game". So the player will not be able to use that hero in the match.
    9. The team of admins reserves the right to resolve complicated issues according to their best judgment, if there is no other way.
    10. Changes of the rules are reserved at any time, until the check in starts.
    11. ESGA Admin is entitled to resolve the dispute at its discretion.

    Admin Contact

    If you need to contact an admin, have a question or need a score approve, call for admin via “Call admin” button or just write into the tournament lobby and you will receive an answer. In case of technical difficulties, contact our support team here.