Monday Challenger Cup #8 (ASIA)

Asia Server (

128/128 Players
+78 on a waiting list

Tournament has ended

Basic information

Open registration for 128 participants.

Standard, Conquest, Pick & Ban

Swiss + TOP 8 (Single Elimination)
17-32 players -> 5 rounds of Swiss (without Invitation to Challenger Finals)
33-64 players -> 6 rounds of Swiss (2 invites to Challenger Finals)
65-128 players -> 7 rounds of Swiss (2 invites to Challenger Finals)

How does CHECK IN phase works?
The tournament is filled with 128 players according to their registration time. You have to CHECK IN but the time of CHECK IN does NOT matter.


1st & 2nd Place: Invitation to Challenger Finals

Quick rules

How to participate in our tournament?

  1. Press the “JOIN TOURNAMENT” button on the screen.
  2. One hour before tournament starts you must check in. Just press the “CHECK IN” button on the screen.
  3. After tournament starts and bracket is generated, you will get your opponent. Just press the “CURRENT MATCH” button on the screen and follow instructions below.

How does the match go?

  1. Press ready in your current match.
  2. Make sure you have no multidecks.
  3. Invite your opponent into the challenge. (Standard duel)
  4. Pick your classes in your current match.
  5. Upload screenshot of your decks in challenge lobby.
  6. Begin to play.
  7. Confirm the result.


Asia Server (

Best of mode

Best of 3